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Tabitha Stitt Psychic Medium for Self Empowement


This is your moment. Your Higher Self has guided you here.

With more than 12+ years combined experience as a psychic medium, Reiki Master healer, licensed teacher and ordained minister, I’m here to give you empowering messages and teachings from Spirit that’ll light the way and reveal all you can be. 

And it all starts with knowing that you’re in the right place, at just the right time. 

1:1 Psychic Reading

Psychic Readings are insightful, healing and liberating, giving you practical guidance in ANY area of your life. You’ll receive messages that align with your soulful purpose, illuminating what you can focus on to transform your life + release (with love) what no longer serves you. You’ll receive personal and empowering clairvoyant messages from your Higher Self, have your questions answered and experience healing energy. 

$50 – 15 Minutes

$90 – 30 MINUTES

$125 – 45 MINUTES 


  • 15-45 minutes of clairvoyant messages just for you
  • Connect and align with your Spirit Guides + Higher Self
  • Work with me 1 : 1 with your choice of either phone or Zoom (in-person sessions available for 45-minute readings ONLY)
  • MP3 audio recording to keep and refer back to
  • PLUS! Follow-up fillable PDF guide to help you internalize and fulfill your divine messages with ease
  • BONUS! Distant Reiki energy healing sent to you before/after your reading to more fully align with your intentions + desires

IMPORTANT NOTE:  * Your Psychic Reading will focus on YOU. Loved-ones may come forth but please anticipate your reading to concentrate on your own personal life path and what your soul needs you to know now. *

Fun Psychic Circle with Your Friends!

Get together online with your closest friends and receive clairvoyant messages! You’ll each get mini messages via Zoom to take with you on your unique journey. This is perfect for you if you want to experience some mystical entertainment with your friends or family – a lighthearted revealing adventure you’ll embrace together. Think birthday gift or celebration, virtual girl’s day out, online tea/wine party or just because!

$150 – 1 HOUR

what’s all included:

  • 60 minutes of clairvoyant messages for you and your friends via Zoom (4-6 people TOTAL)
  • Video recording of the session for each of you to keep forever
  • Feel the power of Spirit/The Universe working with your entire group
  • Listen to each other’s messages as an additional source of guidance + empowerment (only positive, uplighting messages)
  • PLUS! A surprise digital download created solely for your personal circle (you won’t find it anywhere else)

Reiki Energy Healing - Columbus, Ohio

Reiki (pronounced ray-key) means “life force energy” and has been around forever. As a Reiki Master practitioner, I directly channel universal healing energy to help you restore yourself from the inside out.  This is perfect for you if you’re in the Columbus area (or love to travel) and want to connect one-to-one and unwind, ease your mind and start anew with this sacred form of healing.

$150 – 1 hour + 15 minutes


  • 75 minutes of in-person Reiki energy healing
  • 1 : 1 personalized experience for your soul’s needs
  • Use of crystals + sound therapy to deepen your experience
  •  An energy release, reset + deep relaxation
  • AND! Intuitive messages given during/after your session for further guidance + support
  • BONUS! A small surprise gift to take with you on your healing journey

How It Works:


Choose how you’d like to get your messages + guidance


Receive what comes through from Spirit + your Higher Self


Trust and take action to shift your energy and reality 


Client Love


Tabitha Stitt Psychic Medium

You actually don’t have to do anything! But here’s some ideas if you want to feel more prepared:

It’s helpful to think of why you want a reading in the first place.  Are you stressed at home, worried about your job, unsure where your relationship is taking you, feeling stuck, just want some reassurance?

Maybe you don’t know exactly why but you just feel an urge or pull to get a reading. Wonderful! This is your Higher Self trying to get your attention. So go ahead and book a reading. (:

Ultimately, you can set the intention that it’ll all work for the best and trust the process.

I’m happy you asked. There are so many! Here’s just to name a few: 

  • Free yourself from any limiting beliefs that might be holding you back from doing what you really want to do in life
  • Recognize your fullest potential 
  • Discover what you’re naturally good at and how you can use it to make a living and bring in more money and abundance
  • Release any subconscious “blockages” keeping you from moving forward
  • Gain even more confidence having clarity and confirmation about specific choices you’ve been wondering about
  • Learn more about the relationships in your life and how they’ve been affecting you
  • Find out what it is you could be doing that’ll guide you on the path that’s perfect for you
  • Release and heal any stagnant energy that’s been creating feelings of stuckness 
  • Connect with your Higher Self even deeper and feel its presence and love supporting you
  • Learn about new creative outlets that’ll help you heal your Inner Child 

And the list goes on and on… !

Your loved-ones are with you more than you can even imagine!  So it’s possible they may show up in your reading.  But please know in advance that your reading will focus on tuning into YOU personally, uncovering aspects about yourself that’ll enhance and enrich your life.  But I always set the intention for you to receive exactly what you’re in need of so it’s quite interesting what can transpire and who can show up to give you some support.

No, but sometimes messages can come through that’ll present an issue you’re going through or may soon experience depending on your current habits and what’s happening in your life now. However, this is not to discourage or scare you in any way.  Instead you’re hearing it as encouragement to start taking action and make different decisions that’ll better suit you and your path in life. You deserve to be happy.

I do receive visions sometimes that seem to stem from a futuristic realm.  These could be actual events unfolding or it could be symbolic.  Either way, I certainly don’t claim to be able to predict your future because we all have freewill to do what we want.  But I can tap into the many options and choices you have and ask Spirit how they may look and feel if that should be the path YOU decide to take.   The future can be shifted with your thoughts, determination and actions – at any time.  You’re in control.  I’m just here to help make sense of it all.

You won’t see the option for a payment plan when you schedule, however if you feel called to work with me but are concerned about finances, then I would love to offer you the opportunity to make this work anyway.

I believe in, “ask and you shall receive” so simply contact me via email BEFORE scheduling your session and we’ll work out a plan together. (:

Yay! Just click here or click the button below to book your session. It’s going to be wonderful.