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My reading with Tabitha was so enjoyable and helpful. Her delivery was determined yet calm. I appreciated that she allowed the first interaction to be one of exploration and I didn't have to come with an "agenda" or question. Without divulging anything, Tabitha pinpointed very relevant personal decisions and things I've been working through. She explained her visions thoroughly and completely which helped to totally understand the direction. Overall, AMAZING first experience and I can't wait to stay connected!
Ashley S Drake
Psychic Reading via Zoom

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“Self” empowerment doesn’t mean you have to do it by yourself.  It’s actually the opposite!  Self-empowerment is recognizing and becoming aware of your needs + desires then taking assertive action to make it all happen. This includes receiving guidance and encouragement from others in addition to relying on your own ability to stand strong and persevere.

Everything here is created with healing energy.