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Tabitha Stitt The Self-Help Psychic, psychic medium, spiritual teacher and Reiki master healer

Tabitha Stitt

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Psychic Public Speaker for Transformative Personal Development

“These dreams, visualizations, and ideas of possibilities that you have — this is your soul talking directly to you.”

– Tabitha Stitt


Your next guest - with a twist.

Tabitha’s a channel for a unique kind of healing. Connecting directly with this mysterious universal intelligence, she reveals what most of us know deep down but need to hear from an outside source. These messages are validating, inspiring, entertaining – and this is just the surface.

Channeled Speaking

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Flower for Transformation with Tabitha Stitt The Self-Help Psychic


Healing is inevitable. It comes from the inside out - loving and accepting who you are and what you've been through. There are so many ways to offer yourself attention and compassion that no one else can do for you.

personal development

There are too many of us who feel stuck or are terrified to make the "wrong" move. But this is precisely the motivation we need to step into our power! We must believe in ourselves and our highest potential thus courageously let go of what's holding us hostage.


Empowering yourself stems from a deep desire of reclaiming what's always been yours and reigniting the fire that lives within your soul, your ancestors and even Mother Nature.


Magic is real. And YOU are The Magician (or co-creator) of your life. You already possess what's necessary to invoke your dreams and desires. It's not about materialistic possessions but instead opening up to universal connection and coming home to your true self.


Your natural, intuitive gifts can be obvious but usually need to be unearthed. Either way, you're meant to use them. They're THE answer and ticket to your soul's purpose.


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Tabitha’s mission is to be a speaker/messenger and healing channel on behalf of Spirit/The Universe. She focuses on personal development and what our souls need to hear in this moment, in all ways for the highest good.

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TRANCE PSYCHIC READER, speaker + messenger

There are different types of channeled trance. Tabitha sets the stage by tapping into what she calls Spirit. The label doesn’t matter as much as its message which is powerful, healing and life-altering. Words are energy and energy can change anything.



Tabitha earned her degree with high honors as an educator and has a passion for asking and answering questions that go beyond the normal classroom. Her license specializes in human ecology – the perfect fit for combining psychic sciences with our underlying motivations to grow as a person.



What started out 13 years ago as a curious adventure, has now become a full-time career. When you open yourself to become a channel for healing energy, you start experiencing clairvoyance and altered states of consciousness that go beyond our rational understanding. It’s essentially pure infiniteness that we’re all made of, but what does this really mean for us?

What it's all about.

We all have the ability to transform our own lives, hence “self-help”.  But that doesn’t mean you’re to do it alone.  We’re needing reassurance and acknowledgment that we are indeed connected to something more.  Our Higher Self is begging for us to pay attention – to acknowledge our intuitive urges and then take action upon its wisdom and guidance.  It’s needing us to recognize or rediscover our natural gifts and actually use them constructively to live in true abundance and freedom; to help ourselves and ultimately the rest of the world.  All in all, combining these energies is magic.

Yes - magic.

(It’s not so much a secret anymore.)  And it’s EXACTLY what we’re needing to fulfill our soul’s purpose.


It was as if Tabitha had been following me around (in my life) for the last 10 years and knew EXACTLY what was going on, what my issues were and what I needed to do to move forward — all without my input. This was truly the most “perfect” reading I have ever had; and I’ve had a lot of them.

Patricia J. Lane

Tabitha honed in on my guides and gave me an on-point reading! Very confident reader. I highly recommend her!

Malia Johnson

Without hardly any input from me except in response to what she was picking up, I felt she was completely accurate and gave what I feel to be excellent guidance on that which challenges me.

Eve Brooks

The best readings of my life have come from Tabitha. She is able to connect to me and my guides in a way that no one else has been able to. Before her, I’ve never experienced a reading where EVERY BIT of information was accurate, insightful, and dripping with pure Spirit and love.

Kimiya Kaluba

Everything here is created with healing energy.