As a Spiritual Medium, I work with many different types of spirits or sources beyond the physical realm.  The two main sources that I always connect with during a reading is the Higher Self (the part of you that knows what’s best even when your ego thinks otherwise) and God/Great Creator/Spirit/Universe/All Knowing.  I may also channel a loved one who has passed, an ascended master, angel, elemental, star being, or your spirit animal.

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the benefits

  • Reassurance
  • Clarification
  • Understanding

what to expect during a reading




Spirit clairvoyantly presents images within my mind that appear as scenes and symbols, which represent different areas of your life that may need to be recognized, accepted, and healed.

Certain emotions may come up that can feel overwhelming and uncomfortable but I assure you they’re absolutely welcome and completely necessary for the growth of your soul.

I invite you to either record or jot down important messages during the session in order to help you remember and refer back to when you’re in need of encouragement and hope.

Please understand that I am the medium not the message. I’ll convey everything that Spirit brings to me.  If you have questions and feel you need clarification, we can sort it out together.  However, most often Spirit gives me messages that only you’ll understand. After all, this is your unique spiritual journey.

30-Minute Intuitive Reading Session by Phone – $125

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