I’ve always felt a deep connection with this beautiful and mysterious spiritual realm.

In my early twenties, I decided it was time to start listening with my heart.  In doing so, I discovered my calling as a vessel for Spirit/Source.  

The very first time I allowed myself to open as a channel for energy work, I was blessed with the presence of a Native American Spirit Guide who repeatedly thanked me for the work I was doing.  His message created a profound impact on my life that I’ll carry with me forever.  Since then, I’ve felt incredibly at ease knowing we’re not alone and our work on earth matters greatly and is appreciated by those on ‘the other side’.  

As a professional psychic medium and energy healer, I work intuitively, empathetically and psychically.  I use sacred tools and spiritual practices in order to flow into a light meditative trance state; this allows me to connect with you more deeply thus helping to bring forth clairvoyant messages for reassurance, understanding, options and clarity.


I believe in the magic of manifestation.  With guidance and help from the higher powers, we can create our lives however we’d like.  By allowing ourselves to be, feel and live through empowered thought and action, we can have anything we truly desire – even after experiencing great trauma.

I love the spooky and fun stuff in life!  I’m into creatures of all kinds, graveyards, oracle cards, and black cats (I have two, who knew!).  I’m always traveling to small towns filled with old charm and eerie energy.  I love discovering the goodness in ‘haunted’ houses and castles. 

I create oracle decks (for sale soon!), rehab and remodel old homes, spend most of my time in solitude and meditation, photograph mother nature, collect books of all kinds, and I read nearly all day, every day. 


On a more serious and professional note:  I’ve received certification as a professional psychic medium after completing a two-year program led by two beautiful mediums with over 20 years experience.  I study at the Arthur Findlay college in England any chance I can get.  I’ve volunteered my time as a certified yoga teacher and Reiki Master practitioner at various studios and sanctuaries throughout Columbus, Ohio.  I was a high school teacher for nearly a decade and am so grateful to have taught and mentored thousands of students. 

I adore and care about those whom I cross paths.  And I can also hold space for you as you travel your spiritual journey. 

So, here I am.  Here we are.