Why Being Put Down Lifts You UpBeing put down hurts. It just does, even when you know better. You know what you’re hearing or seeing isn’t right but it still hurts. Maybe you’ve experienced this in a past relationship or when you were a child. Whether it was a family member or a ‘friend’. Being ridiculed, embarrassed, called a nasty name, or told you’ll never amount to anything.

Well now is the time to use this ‘putting down’ as a way to ignite your inner flame. Allow it to burst right through you in an effort to open yourself toward liberation. To free yourself from imprisonment.  It no longer controls you.  Actually, it never did.  

Understand that what you’ve experienced before – these ever so painful times – actually gives you the strength to lift yourself up.

So, why does being put down help lift you up?

Because it’s a trigger. A trigger that begins a transition that’ll positively change your life forever. Because being pushed down is like a spring. It shoots you right back up.  It’s a test.  A test that allows you to replace the lies with truth.

Your inner truth.

Your inner power.

Why does being put down help lift you up?

Because while you’re down, you know in the depth of this darkened time, there is a light.  But not just any light.  It’s a light that leads you toward compassion. Compassion for that person who ridiculed you. Compassion toward those people who laughed at you, ignored you, treated you poorly.

But why would you want to have compassion toward someone whose made you feel so unloved, neglected, belittled?

Because it gives you the strength to lift yourself.  It’s the groundwork that’s necessary to build a strong shell. A shell that protects you but isn’t closed off.  A shell that’s open to healing.

And because they too were hurt by someone else.  They didn’t know how to deal with their own wounds so they projected it unto you.  They weren’t sure how to embrace their own ‘putting down’ so they shot their anger toward you as a target.  A target that would take it. But you’re no longer this target for taking a sharpened arrow.

You’re now the recipient of compassion and understanding.  Compassion for them.  Compassion for yourself.

Turn this putting down around. Point your attention toward that time of your life and know it’s not true. It’s empowerment for you to decide otherwise. To love yourself.  To stand strengthened and strong.

To lift yourself up.

Now, It’d be a blessing to hear from you.  In the comments below, share with others how you’re going to stand strong and embrace your inner truth.  Writing it out, locks it in.  You can and will do this.  You’re strong.

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