All I know is what I experience, what I feel within, what I dream, what I identify with.

I do not follow any one particular group, belief system, or set of rules.

I follow my heart.

I feel within my soul that I am connected to this path.
I continuously seek the wisdom and gifts found among this path.
I am called to be a light upon this path.

The path of magic.
The path of nature.
The path of healing.
The path of feminism.
The path of mysticism.
The path of spiritualism.
The path of benevolence.
The path of inner power.
The path of love.
The path of light.

And this is how I express my gratitude for this path that I’ve been so blessed to walk upon.

I care tremendously about all living creatures, big and small.
I grow my own vegetables and herbs and tend to my houseplants.
I tune into my intuition and use it for the highest good of all.
I am mindful of nature’s many cycles and the lessons that come with them.
I dedicate my time as a channel for healing energy and spiritual insight.
I am completely fascinated by earth and its beautiful elements.
I encourage love, understanding, and acceptance in all circumstances.
I use my inner power and take action to create the results that are desired.
I value myself, offer forgiveness, respect all, and pray infinitely.
I celebrate life and its many, many, many blessings.

It’s as simple as that.

And so it is.

I am a woman of many magical paths.

It’s my deepest desire for you to express your truth, whatever that may be.

To always seek your soul purpose.
To reveal the magic that resides within.

To find courage.
To be confident.

To embrace your shadow side.
To shine your magnificent light.

To just be you.

Blessings to you, dear one, and the many paths that call to you.

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